Life Events

For nearly 150 years, St Luke’s Church has stood in the centre of Woodside. Originally a smaller church was built, serving the hamlet around the green, but as more homes were built in late 19th century, an ambitious project was launched to build a large new church, where there would be room enough for everyone.

In 1887, the foundation stone for the large church you see today, on the corner of Portland Road and Spring Lane was laid. Since then thousands of local people have been baptised here; thousands of people have married in this church; and thousands of funerals have taken place.

For 130 years, St Luke’s has been a place of celebration and joy, sorrow and thanksgiving, where remembrance and hope are possible. All those important events in people’s lives that have taken place in our church over the last century have made it sacred.

At St Luke’s, we are not just a church for people who worship here on Sundays, but we seek to be a place of welcome for all in our community here in Woodside.

St Luke’s is a big church – there’s room for everyone, and space for all the different experiences we might be going through, and stages in life that you would like to mark. We are a community of people who want to celebrate with you in happy times; comfort you in sorrow; encourage you; and share your hopes for the future. When you have a baptism, wedding or funeral at St Luke’s, you will be getting more than an event – a relationship with a community of faith and hope and love.

One of the first things people notice, on entering St Luke’s is the cross hanging from the arch over the altar – or the stained glass window behind it of the Resurrection: Jesus standing on the world, surrounded by saints. Our building has in it images that speak of what it means to be human: sadness and joy, suffering and hope – and witness to Christian faith in the resurrection of Jesus and promise of new life.

Our church tells the Christian story – but there is room for us all, and space for our own stories here too. When we mark important life events at St Luke’s, there are some set prayers and readings that express the Church’s faith, but there is also space to make those services your own – with your own readings, music and promises. Those time honoured prayers and the Christian story can provide the framework to express our own experience of joy, wonder, honesty, hope and love.

We believe that the Church offers a sacred place for your important life events, and look forward to welcoming you to St Luke’s to mark them.